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We are a small team of professional people and have been conducting investigations since 2004. We conduct our investigations throughout the South East of England and are based in Kent and now Lincolnshire.

Now looking for venues in Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

From our first point of contact we pride ourselves on our professional approach through all our investigation process.

We use video and audio equipment placed throughout the venue which enables us to use variety of methods of investigation subject to planning. All our equipment is monitored throughout the evening and the results documented. Every aspect is thoroughly researched during the evening. A comprehensive report is later prepared including photographs and relevant data and a copy provided free of charge to the venue. Any video or audio footage of interest is posted on links on the site.

If requested any or all details can be kept confidential and, whilst we seek to post all reports online, we respect the confidentiality of any venue. All private addresses remain confidential.

We investigate reports of hauntings or paranormal phenomena at any venue and have investigated castles, mills, theatres, public houses, ancient sites, open parkland and private residences and business addresses. We also investigate reports of cryptozoological sightings and other strange phenomena.

We are proud to say that we have been called in to investigate a number of our venues and always welcome referrals from venue owners.

We are self funding and are not an events based organization.

We are also proud to have been featured in the November 2006 edition of Kent Life Magazine, appeared on BBC radio and in the local press.

In 2012 we were filming with Jeff Brazier for the This Morning Program for their supernatural week on I
TV, and have had exclusive rights to investigate Chessington World of Adventures.

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NEWS UPDATE - March 2023

It is with a heavy heart that we would like to inform our readers, contributors and fellow paranormal investigators that -

Dave Godden our very best friend and team mate passed away 19th February 2023
Dave has left a void that could never be filled and we miss him very much.
Our sympathies go out to all that knew him.

Dave Godden
Always Remembered
1968 - 2023



We are looking for new venues. Get in touch if you would like an investigation or know somewhere worthy of an investigation.

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Chessington World of Adventuresssington

The Cage, St Osyth

Ghost Connections are now in their 20th Year of investigating the paranormal.

If you require our services please use our contact page or find us on social media.

Our investigations are free of charge, undertaken by a small team of professional people who each in turn bring something special to the investigation.



Ghost Connections is funded by the team and is not an events organisation
Ghost Connections conducts investigations using audio and visual equipment and does not use psychic or clairvoyant observations as evidence

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