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The Kings Head - Maidstone, Kent

The Kings Head Public House was subject to previous Ghost Connections investigations at the invitation of Simon, the landlord, in February and April of 2007. Based upon our experiences on our previous visits we were to focus on the rear bar area on our return.

The known history of the building is described in our February report and can be read online by clicking on the link previous report.

Inside the building consists of a front public bar and rear restaurant areas divided by an open bar facing both rooms on the ground floor along with stair access to the private rooms above the main building and another to the function room which is above the ground floor kitchen in the annex.


To investigate reports of paranormal activity at The Kings Head public house.


Previous reports of electrical equipment operating in its own and objects being 'thrown' from shelves and pool tables had failed to be evidenced on previous visits but due to the narrow time frame available to the team on each occasion and other notes made the team returned. The team would also be alone on the ground floor on this occasion.

Would any of this alleged poltergeist activity reveal evidence of itself to the team on this visit? Would the presence of only three persons make any difference?



The Investigation


Video camera-
Sony DCR-HC19 with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light
Samsung VP-D351 with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light

Digital Camera-
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Fuji Fine Pix S5500

Voice recorder -
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20

Calibrated thermometer with probe




Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual information investigate the background to alleged paranormal phenomena at this venue.


Due to the opening times of the public house this was a late night start and the team had previously visited an outdoor location and arrived at The Kings Head ready for a third investigation.

As previously mentioned we had visited the back bar / restaurant area previously with some interesting findings but no explanation. We decided that this area would be the sole area of investigation for this evening.

The temperature in this area was measured to be 25.1 deg C. There was no fire lit and no other heating operating at the time the team were there.

Prior to commencing note was made of noises emanating in this area. There were two distinct noises from the bar. The first was the beer cooler under the bar on the other side. This would make a repetitive noise that was distinct. The second was the ice machine which at regular times would consist of a low humming noise accompanied by either running water or the sound of ice falling into a collection tray. As there sounds were distinct and part of the necessary functioning of the public house they were allowed to continue.

Any other noises would be noted.

The investigation itself would consist of silent vigils and séance experiments within the rear bar. On both previous occasions that the team had conducted investigations at the Kings Head the main area of noted noises or lights was the area of the lounge furniture near to the fireplace and ladies toilet door. To this end the team would situate themselves in this small area as it was deemed to be easier to investigate any anomalies noted.

Any suspicion over the cause of lights seen previously were attempted to be addressed by extinguishing all light sources or covering them.

Other factors may have come into play during the investigation which are commented on in the conclusion.

During the two sittings conducted the normal requests for production of phenomena were made and the following were noted.

Several taps were heard from the bar area.

Dave feels a slight draft as if being breathed on, on the rear of his right hand which is also confirmed by Paddy as being present on his left arm. They sat opposite each other.

Paddy believes that he hears a sound from the raised area of the restaurant. Dave feels his attention drawn to the same area.

Dave saw a flash of light like a pin prick on the ladies bathroom door. A repetition was asked for. It was not repeated.

Dave asked for a repetition of the tap and it was repeated. There was no regularity in its occurrence.

These were believed to have come from the area by the access hatch.

Paddy describes seeing a cat which comes through the open flap of the bar and into the restaurant area and rub itself against the bar as it did so. Dave also described how he saw the dark silhouette of a cats rear and erect tail as it reached the table where the team were sat.

Dave saw an area of luminescence about the size of a video camera float right to left across the bar vertical surface almost in front of his video camera which was on top of the bar pointing at the team.

Paddy thought he saw several things out of the corner of his eye.

Dave felt a push in his back at a time when Paddy asked if Dave was OK. Paddy was aware of Dave moving forwards.

Paddy then asked Kim if she moved her leg. This was denied and he described how he had a sensation of someone inserting their hand between his leg and Kim's (they are sat next to each other).

Dave mentioned that he felt very cold on his left side. A tap on the bar was heard when this was described. Asked if the person responsible can tap again it is not repeated.

The sound of something akin to voices from a television or radio could be heard faintly.

Dave felt another shove in the back. He asked that the same person cause the same sensation to Kim or Paddy. It was not repeated.

After a break during which the bar area was checked for sources for the taps a second session was started in the same area.

The temperature at commencement was noted as 25.8 deg C.

A hollow sound is heard by Paddy and Dave.

A repetitive thumping noise is heard.

Kim felt cold to the point of having goose bumps yet Paddy and Dave felt quite warm.

During this the same tapping noises occurred singularly although this time single taps occurred on request. For validation purposes it was asked that double taps be produced. These did not occur.

    The source of the taps was not identified. Nothing was found that was readily loose enough to be susceptible to any movement in order to cause the noise. There were no drafts nor any persons or animals around to be able to knock anything in the area the noise was heard.

The electronic voices were later identified by consultation with Simon to be likely to have come from his television upstairs which he went to sleep having left on quietly.

The sightings of a cat are of interest. Previous reports have mentioned the existence of a cat at the pub. Between April and September Faberge the cat unfortunately left this world. There are now no cats at the Kings Head.

The luminescence and pin prick of light seen cannot be accounted for. All lighting was off or covered and traffic movement lights and reflections were all noted prior to the investigation commencing. There was no traffic passing at the time of these sightings.

Later discussion with Simon would fail to identify any source for the noise as he states the only noises there are the two that are referred to at the beginning of this report.

The sensation of being shoved in the back by Dave and the insertion of a hand between Paddy and Kim's leg cannot readily be accounted for. Dave's may have been imagination but then Paddy clearly saw Dave move forward on the first occasion. The insertion of the hand is of more interest as only Paddy mentioned it. Kim did not comment on it. Paddy made an observation that this may have been a muscle movement but was still unnerved by the experience. It cannot be explained with any certainty.

The slight raise in temperature is barely enough to note (0.7 deg C) but due to the time of day it would more likely have been going down and bears no relation to the cold sensations noted by Dave.

The repetitive thumping noise is also believed to have been the television upstairs.

Towards the end of the investigation the team felt very tired. This is unusual although may be by virtue of the warm temperature in the pub compared with the previous investigation that evening outside which was colder.

During our stay a certain amount of other information was forthcoming to the team of a clairvoyant nature. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us.

Camcorder footage, still photographs and voice recorders were later examined and nothing of note was found. Any audio on camera or voice recorder was unfortunately unable to convey the noises heard as the bar equipment maintained an overall sound throughout and made interpretation difficult.

The coincidences of noting the cat and similarities in the sensations of the team were of interest.

The sounds cannot be explained although a natural source cannot be ruled out.

We feel that certainly there are events occurring here that we cannot find answers for. The extent of sightings, sounds and information given clairvoyantly continues to interest us.

We cannot say for sure that we encountered anything that is definitely paranormal yet as mentioned above the extent of coincidental events is something we find of great interest.

For a building that had little to offer in the way of reported paranormal activity there were unexplained events during our investigation and another interesting night was had.

Further access to this site has now been offered and we look forward to a return visit.

Ghost Connections would like to thank Simon for the third invitation to investigate The Kings Head.

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15th September 2007

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