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The internet is inundated with pictures claiming to be of a paranormal origin.Whilst we can not state categorically anyones claims are real or fake, we are able to reproduce some photographs.In the following months Ghost Connections will be adding experimental photographs of famous and some not so famous photographs.

Table Levitation

It is said that levitations can occur in mediumship, shamanistic trance, magic, hauntings and possession.

Parapsychology states that levitation is a state of mind, Psychokinesis.

Levitation in controlled experiments is rare. Parapsychologsts achieved table-tilting, most likely due to PK, in the "Philip" experiments to create an artificial poltergeist in the 1970's.

We took some fishing line, attached to a small table and held it out of camera shot on a wooden pole. We then used Paint Shop Pro to manipulate and remove any traces of the fishing line.

Camera used: Fuji S5500

Ghost Connections Fake

Helen Duncan

Mrs Duncan was a Spiritualist Materialisation Medium through whose ample body milky ectoplasm flowed and formed into complete human figures which could walk and talk and greet their living relatives with intimate secrets known only within their families.

At a séance 1933, physical medium Helen Duncan produced the materialised form of her spirit guide 'Peggy'

We reproduced the picture with muslin and an inhebriated team member.

Camera used - Fuji S5500


Ghost Connections Fake


The Enfield Poltergeist


The Enfield Poltergeist was a period of apparent poltergeist activity in England between August 1977 and September 1978.

The incidents were duly investigated by Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair, both members of SPR, who were convinced by the evidence which they encountered during their five month investigation. They reported witnessing various phenomena, including moving furniture, flying marbles, cold breezes, shallow pools of water appearing on the floor, and fires which spontaneously ignited and extinguished themselves.

The family in the Enfield case consisted of a mother, two daughters, and two sons; Margaret aged 12, a younger sister Janet 11, Johnny aged 10 and Billy aged 7. Billy had a speech impediment. Johnny featured only marginally in the inexplicable events, at least 26 of which the investigators considered could not be accounted for by fraud. These included movement of small and large objects, interference with bedclothes, pools of water on the floor, apparitions, physical assaults, graffiti, equipment malfunction and failure, spontaneous combustion, disappearance and reappearance of objects, and apparent levitations.

Camera used - Fuji S5500

Ghost Connections Fake


STANISLAWA TOMCZYK, Polish medium, demonstrates Macro-PK while under hypnosis, to Ochorowicz at Wisla, Poland, raising small objects (1909)
Ghost Connections Fake

We recently uncovered this little gem on the Society for Psychical Research website. Credit to the SPR for "borrowing" the photograph.

Once again we thought we could achieve the same photograph.

Fishing line was tied to both of Kim's thumbs and to the scissors to achieve the same drop as the picture on the left. Then the camera was set to ISO 1600 to negate the flash. Once happy with the photograph it was uploaded and turned to black and white, slight manipultion was used to cover the fishing line using Adobe Elements.

Camera used: Canon 400D

Slow Shutter Speed


Further experiments with cameras have allowed Ghost Connections to produce further photographs showing that "unexplained" photographs can actually be explained and reproduced with outstanding effects.





Lord Combermere

See below Exif Data for our photograph.

Exif data is information stored in every digital photograph, a fingerprint of the picture. Showing information on shutter speeds, focal lengths and more importantly if the photograph has been altered in any way.




Ghost Connections Fake


We have had surprisingly good results from using a slow shutter speed. The effect is very easy to achieve by setting the shutter speed slower and asking your subject to move in and then out of the shot whilst the shutter is still open.

The image was then turned to black and white with no further adjustments required.

Camera Used: Fuji S5500

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