Frequently Asked Questions about Ghost Connections
How do I contact Ghostconnections?

You can contact the team via our website or by emailing directly at

Can I speak to Ghostconnections in person?

Yes, you can speak to a member of the team if you leave a number through email you will be contacted.

How do you choose your venues?

We use many sources including the internet, books, travel leaflets, word of mouth and referrals from venues. We also approach some premises whilst visiting them or are contacted through the website.

Do all your locations have reports of paranormal activity?

No not all. We are more than willing to undertake investigations where there has been no reported activity. It can often be the case that these venues prove to be the most interesting as they are investigated with no pre-conception.

I would like to meet you to discuss our premises in person. How do we do that?

Simply contact using either of the above methods and we will arrange to meet you either at the premises or elsewhere.

Do you visit the location before hand?

We will always carry out a risk assessment and assess the suitability of the venue before hand.

Do you charge for investigations?

We do not charge. The team is purely interested in exploring the paranormal and is not interested in any financial gain. The team is self funded at our own personal expense.

How do you get your investigation venues?

We do a lot of research into potential venues and approach them direct, this or we are contacted direct.

I would like Ghostconnections to investigate somewhere I have access to. Is this possible?

Ghost Connections consider any venue. A pre visit for safety reasons and to establish the suitability is always done first but essentially we consider anywhere.

What days do you do your investigations?

We carry out our investigations every other Saturday night (fortnightly)

What times do you investigate?

Generally between the times of 7.00pm to 2.00am but times are flexible and can change dependant upon how far we have to travel and the requirements of the venue.

Why do you investigate during the darkness?

We investigate at night for two main reasons - light anomalies can be seen and recorded better in the dark and explainable sources for them found and because the rest of the world is generally quieter there is less background noise.

How many in the team?

There are six members in the team. Not all team members attend every investigation.

Do you sell tickets?

No, we are not a commercial group or interested in any financial gain.

Do you take guests?

No, we do not take guests. A venue may require that someone remains with us for the duration of the investigation although this is not always the case. Generally when we have taken guests in the past this has proven to complicate the investigation.

How many people can stay with you?

If it is essential that someone remains with the team at the request of the venue, one or two people would be acceptable as long as we are aware of where they are at all times.

What equipment do you use?

We use night vision camcorders, digital photography and voice recorders.

What happens to the footage you film?

The film footage is the personal property of each team member who films it, and its held on indivdual databases.

Does the venue get a copy of the footage?

As a general rule we do not produce copies of footage as it would prove quite expensive and time consuming to assemble all the footage although anything of interest is posted on the website for viewing see website

What do your reports contain?

We no longer produce written reports for the website, videos are now uploaded to YouTube and linked through our site and Facebook.
The website copy does not contain any clairvoyant information.

What do you classify as clairvoyant information?

For investigation purposes clairvoyant information includes any observations, names, dates or other information that comes to mind (or is given by spirit dependant on your view) during the time at the venue.

What happens to clairvoyant information?

As interesting as it is to obtain such information we do not believe it to be a valid investigation method to prove or disprove phenomena. It is held on separate data base and available on request. It has been shown that it may be of interest to the venue itself and can be supplied on request. Feedback from the venue is encouraged on this information. Research is also done after the investigation into any details recorded.

You seem to return to venues. Is this expected?

We have found that previous findings can be eliminated on future visits thereby assisting our subsequent investigations.

Do you have insurance to cover injury or breakages?

A copy of our disclaimer can we viewed by clicking here

What do you actually do?

We record all our investigations on audio and video for later scrutiny and preserve the video especially in their original format for further scrutiny by other bodies should it be of interest. We often remain in one area for over an hour. This gives us plenty of time to get used to the general noise and lights that may be repetitious or random in nature yet naturally occurring and during this time we encourage any activity to occur.

Do you do spiritual things like séances?

We do conduct séances as an experiment. It is believed that such activities increase the energy and produce paranormal phenomena of many kinds. Anything occurring during these is investigated as normal. We have found there to be an increase in unexplained occurrences during these experiments.

Do you use a Ouija board?

We do not generally use a Ouija board. We do not believe that their use is a valuable investigation method. It is a means to communicate and not a phenomena as such and personal information has been given which is not a reasonable use of our time.

Would you leave methods out if I am not happy with them?

We are happy to discuss all your requirements, and would omit any activity that you are not comfortable with.

If I am present can I join in?

We are happy for the venue owner to partake in the investigation.

Does the investigation leave any presences more likely to be angry and cause problems for me?

No. We encourage anything present to show itself in any way it considers that it can. Anything that exists should be treated with respect and should not be abused. If we are to obtain evidence we do it respectfully and with regard to everyone’s sensitivities.

Will you make anything go away that I am happy with having around?

If you are content with whatever is believed to be causing the phenomena then it will not be disturbed unnecessarily.

I have photographs/film footage of phenomena. Can I send them to you?

You can send your photographs and film footage to

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