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A return visit to investigate further the occurrences witnessed and feelings experienced by staff and visitors to this well known Sussex tourist attraction. And also to take the our previous results to another level, and encourage activity that can be recorded.

This building dates back to 1406 and was originally constructed as a “wealden” hall house with an open hall and a two story bay at either end, which house the parlour and the services for the chambers above. The hall was floored over and a chimney inserted in the late 18th century. It is though that at this time the house was converted into two dwellings though it remained in single ownership. New dog-leg staircases were now inserted into the end bays. Both stairs rise to attic level and the eastern one still retains its shaped slat banisters at first floor level. Partitions were inserted into the eastern chamber in order to form a landing area, as well as dividing the original chamber into two.

Internally the structure is now much sub-divided, whilst externally a projecting shop was added to the front in the early 19th century. Before the building was turned into a museum it was owned by Margaret Tyson. The main bedroom (now chemist display) was locked and unused and when pressed for a reason, Margaret said it was because she had seen the ghost of a monk there. She had been woken at about 2'o'clock in the morning by an icy cold presence to see a figure trying to pull her husband out of bed by his legs.

Workmen have reported feeling uncomfortable when working in the room and complained that they felt that someone was watching them all the time. The chemist shop was the last display to be completed. On the day of the opening they were still waiting for delivery of the new glass gold-etched sign bearing the name “AJ Turner’s Chemist Shop”, which had been plagued with many delays. When they went to erect it, the sign mysteriously cracked in two.

A lady in a long dress has been sited by a visitor on the stairs.

Several staff claim to have heard footsteps overhead on the floorboards when the museum has been empty. This is a phenomena that was witnessed by the team on our last investigation as we were all assembled in the shop at that time only to hear a heavy set of footfalls from above, These were investigated but could not be explained. Still to our knowledge there have been no other investigations of this venue other than ourselves.

Nikon Coolpix 3100 digital camera
Fuji Finepix S5500 digital camera
Fuji Finepix S5000 digital camera
Fuji Finepix 4900 digital cameraCamcorder:
Samsung VP-D351
Sony DCR-HC19
Sony DCR- HC30E

Olympus DM-20
Gauss EMF Meter
Digital Probe Thermometer
Inside / Outside Digital Air temp. ThermometerOther:
Tapes (MiniDV)
12 x CCTV cameras and monitors

Ian, Kim, Dave and Paddy.

We were able to investigate all the areas of the main building but decided to limit this to those areas with reported activity, being, the Chemists shop, attic and ground floor cobbled area. We placed some equipment around the building including CCTV, data loggers and motion sensors as well as mounting group vigils at each location. We were to be joined by the venue owner and some friends for a period during the nights investigation so had arranged the schedule to fit with they're requirements. All vigils were to be recorded on night vision camcorder and digital voice recorder as well as still photography.
We decided not to split up as this time we were only a team of four and wanted to stay together to corroborate any occurrences. We also thought that this might help in a "spiritual" séance. It was not out intention to deviate much from the normal scientific methods we normally adopt but we had previously decided to conduct a "spiritual experiment" or séance in the area of the chemists shop, as we were keen to try anything that might provoke a response that could be captured by out equipment. On this occasion we decided to carry out the investigation with the lights off.

The Investigation:
The team assembled at the venue between 6.00 and 7.00pm and had CCTV and other equipment set up and was ready to start by 8.00pm. We knew that the venue owner and guests were to join later on and that that also the manager, Lindsay, was also to make an appearance during the evening so planned the first few hours of the investigation to allow for this with breaks at the appropriate time.

We started at 8.00pm in the attic area by conducting a group vigil. Both Dave and Ian called for spirit activity at regular intervals. During out time here several knocks were heard from along the attic landing, which Kim chose to investigate, by walking down the landing and opening the door at the end to see if anything was there, she heard a “rustle” while she was there that could not be explained, neither could the knocks we had been hearing. There were also thuds heard to be coming up the stairs as though something was making a noise down on the first floor, this seemed to be in response to Dave calling for spirit to communicate!

Lindsay arrived and joined us in the attic at 8.40pm, just in time to hear the noises from along the landing! We finished in the attic area at 9.15 and chose to change location to the first floor landing outside the iron mongers display.

After a brief break the team and Lindsay converged on the first floor landing and at 9.30pm started another group vigil. Everyone was feeling fine about their surroundings and despite the group calling for spirit activity nothing odd was noted during this session, except that Ian thought there was a sense of movement in the darkness around the kitchen display, but this could simply be the effect of the darkness on the eyes. No one had anything else to report from this session so it was ended at 10.00pm but not before Ian caught a light anomaly on his camcorder, a bright pinprick of light quickly whizzing past the doorway of the corridor in front of the chemist's! The team had a break, and also said goodbye to Lindsay who chose this convenient point to leave us.

At 11.00pm the team sat on chairs outside the chemists shop display, reportedly one of the most active areas of the building, and chose to conduct a “spiritual experiment” in the form of a séance. This session was recorded on two night vision camcorders and two digital voice recorders. The following is a combination of what can be seen on the footage and also what was commented on by the team. Any times shown the duration into the footage and not ‘real’ time.

Dave feels draught over his hands and Paddy feels pains in his head above and behind his ears. Sounds are heard which Dave thinks are a chair movement whilst Kim thinks its Dave’s stomach. Ian and Paddy believe the sound was from behind Dave in the Chemists (Dave sitting in doorway back to shop). Paddy remarks his beard is itching. A clicking noise is heard. Ian feels a sensation like his earring turning inside the piercing in his right ear and Paddy’s head still hurts.

At 21.00 A single tap is heard on the footage which is not commented on at the time by the team, so this could not have been heard by those present at the time.

22.15 There is a possible light flash behind Kim on the footage not remarked on at time. Kim comments on having a tingling feeling at this time.

24.20 Three distinct taps are heard on the footage. Ian comments that his ears are crackling like pressure effects of an aircraft taking off. There is a sound of a light object being dropped in the area of the ironmongers / landing. During this moment the I/R light of the buildings alarm system registers movement when there is very little from the team. Dave feels really cold a shivers dramatically then Ian feels a draft. Paddy looks intently towards the iron mongers. A while later Paddy is still looking towards ironmongers and states he sees an outline of a figure, head and shoulders then full figure beyond the camera on the landing area. It can be seen from the footage that at this point (32 mins) there is exaggerated movement of the team and the I/R does not illuminate! I/R illuminates again at 35 mins and immediately after there is a sound on the footage from the area of the landing beyond the I/R. Dave feels cold draught on right hand. There is tapping from the landing by the throne room. Dave hears actual psychically laughter. Paddy sees movement behind Dave, in the chemists shop. Dave’s feet slide ¼” across the floor towards Paddy. ? Involuntary movement?

Paddy thinks he sees something in the chemists shop. Dave is really feeling cold.
All the team comment on sensations of coldness around them. Paddy comments on energy loss.

45.00 Paddy sees a flash in the chemists. Paddy Ian and Kim comment on movement seen in Chemist. Ian also sees a flash. Ian sees light changing on the back wall and ceiling of the chemists.

51.00 Paddy sees a flash behind Dave’s head.

52.00 Kim sees things flitting around – lights. Paddy states he definitely sees movement

1.03.00 Single tap noise in Chemists. Kim feels drained and shivery. Paddy and Ian see a flash. Paddy says there is something over Dave’s left shoulder. Dave is sitting down and is now very cold.

1.10.00 It is now very cold

1.13.00 Ian sees a red light in the chemists



At 12.20am we chose to end what for us was a very intense vigil because we were all feeling drained and a little over awed by these events, also we knew the owner and her guests were to join us any minute and we needed a break before continuing with them.

We met our guests (venue owner and two friends) and had a chat with them and at 12.45am returned with them to the attic for another vigil and to show them what we do. After spending a few minutes in discussion about the paranormal we settled down to calling for some spirit. There were some odd noises and clicks as well as a definite thump heard from the first floor which was heard by all the team. This immediate brought to mind our earlier experience outside the chemists.
Dave continued to call and further noises were heard that appeared to be in response to his requests. Despite perusing this the noises ceased and we returned to silence for the remainder of the vigil. There were a few other moments where noises were openly questioned and discussed but with nothing more noteworthy occurring we ended this vigil at 01.45am.

At 1.15 after a brief break we returned to the first floor landing area again this time with our guests. After a brief quiet settling in period Dave started calling for spirit activity but none was forthcoming. A while later Kim walks down the chemists corridor to see "what’s around" and stays in that area for some time. A while passes with nothing happening when Ian decided to try calling, this was followed by a large 'click' from the iron mongers behind Dave so Ian called again with no response. The rest of the session continues this way until we decide to end the vigil at 2.25am.

It was 2.25am but as the clocks had to go back it suddenly became 1.25am! We had another break and at the new 2.00am we moved on to the cobbled street area on the ground floor. Kim and Dave sat at the foot of the stairs, Ian, Paddy and our guests sat on chairs around the area. We sat talking for a while and whilst talking there was an almighty crash from upstairs that was picked up on Ian’s camcorder (29.50 into tape). This could have been from the Barbers display or even.... the chemists? It was the sound of something falling onto a hard surface. Dave, Paddy and Ian go up to investigate, Dave and Ian go to the barbers and the chemists shop and cannot see anything out of place, but whilst there an odd whining noise is heard on the camcorder audio (32.18 into tap). Ian and Dave return to the others and the vigil continues. The group composes themselves and Dave starts calling for spirit asking for a repeat may be a bit closer. Dave places a stack of 3 two pence coins on the bottom step up to the corridor. And asks if someone could affect them, knock them down or through one?, Nothing occurred. Ian commented that whatever part of the building we investigate our attention was always focused back onto the first floor! Dave calls for spirit again. There were no responses and the group continue to talk about matters paranormal with they're guests analysing what had occurred until we chose to end this session at 2.45am.

As we had a brief break we discussed where and what we wanted to do next and we decided to return to the chemists shop, only this time we would go inside it. We also decided that given the results we had in that area earlier we would not want to expose out guests to anything unforeseen, but after speaking to them it was clear that they were going to leave us at this point anyway, so after they left we went on....... to the chemists shop!

At 3.00am we returned to the chemist's shop and settled on chairs in the shop with the hope that another séance style vigil would recreate what had occurred earlier. It took sometime before anything became apparent, that being that Dave suddenly became very cold while asking questions.

Further questions were asked with no physical response at all. There was an odd moment when Ian's suddenly snatched Dave’s hand (that he was holding) across towards him with no explanation. A noise was heard and caught on camcorder coming from the corridor, this was heard by Ian and Dave, and Dave asked who was there but no response came. A while later Ian thought he heard a movement of dragging feet in the corridor, Dave thought it sounded more like quick movement. Paddy though he saw a movement in the corridor go from right to left. Ian was startled when he suddenly heard a movement in the corridor, sadly these noises were not picked up on camcorder. We all certainly thought that there was something out there, that was in the chemists shop previously. A few slight draughts were felt and a few odd clicks were heard both inside and outside the shop display, we also had the sensation and sound of movement in the corridor, but sadly our return to the chemists area did not prove as eventful as we had hoped, so at 3.50am we ended the vigil.

We moved outside back into the corridor where we carried out our first chemist shop vigil, this in was another attempt to stir whatever we encountered there before. Despite staying there for another 45 minutes there was nothing more to report. Tiredness and the effects of putting the clocks back an hour was getting the better of us so we chose to close the investigation.

It has to be said that we had a great night. We heard and captured unexplainable noises on our camcorders and shared between us probably the most intense experiences we've had since Ghost Connections started investigating the paranormal two years ago. We did receive an amount of information forthcoming of a clairvoyant/psychic kind, but this cannot be validated. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us.
This buildings holds many secrets, which we hope someday will be answered. What we know for certain is that we managed to dig into a little deep and came away with probably more questions than answers. At least we are all agreed that there is something odd happening in certain parts of this historic building, things that we hope to have opportunity to investigate further.
Thanks again to the venue owners and staff at Yesterdays World for allowing us back for what was a truly memorable night.
  Update - Jan 2006
  Ghost Connections were contacted by Yesterdays World a few days after the investigation and given the following information

Clive said that after your visit, one of the full malt extract bottles on the top shelf in the chemist exploded. There's no heating in there, so the cause remains a mystery but apparently it explosed everywhere.

Could this have been the explained noise we all heard whilst on a vigil on the cobbled street? The answer remains a mystery.

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