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Former R.A.F Base - West Malling - Kent


Ghost connections have investigate this venue three times before on 3rd June 2005, 21st January 2006 and 3rd March 2007, each time interesting events occurred and we captured some interesting audio results (EVP). We were privileged to be allowed back for what could possibly be the last time so were determined to maximise the use of our time and cover as much of the building as possible. It was hoped that we might get a repeat of what had occurred previously so we could link the phenomena and prove a consistency in our results thus helping to prove that these were more than just chance happenings.

RAF West Malling was one of the front line air bases of World War 2, which sadly is mostly gone as a result of redevelopment for new housing and business premises. Very few original buildings remain and we are very fortunate to be permitted access to this building. As is the case with many old wartime air stations there are stories of sightings and noises heard and this building is no different given the accounts from those who have and currently work there proves. Some of these accounts are explained in our previous reports. Previous Investigations.

  The Investigation

Video camera-
Sony DCR-HC24E with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light.
Sony DCR-HC19 with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light.
Sony DCR-HC30E with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light.
Samsung VP-D351 with night vision.Digital

Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Fuji Fine Pix S5000 x 2
Pentax K-100D Digital SLR

Voice recorder -
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20
Paddy’s voice recorder!!!?

Video tapes (mini DV)
Canum ultrasonic meter

Improvised Faraday Cage
Whole Team

We decided not to simply cover those areas where phenomena had previously been seen or recorded, but too almost start again and try to cover as much as the building as possible, given that this was possibly the last time we were to allowed access to this site. We constructed a plan for our time here, which was to include as much of the building as we could in a combination of team vigils, simultaneous paired vigils in indifferent locations within the building and the occasional experiment in the form of group séances to attempt to provoke responses that could be recorded on our equipment. We were to take as few breaks as possible. Paddy had also brought an improvised metal Faraday Cage

A Faraday cage is an enclosure formed by , or by a mesh of such material. Such an enclosure blocks out external static . Faraday cages are named after physicist Michael Faraday who built one in 1836. An external static electrical field will cause the within the conducting material to redistribute themselves so as to cancel the field's effects in the cage's interior. This effect is used, for example, to protect electronic equipment from strikes and other . If the conductor is thick enough and any holes are significantly smaller than the radiation's wavelength, those radio waves will not penetrate the cage. The metal layers are connected to earth ground to dissipate any electric currents generated from the external electromagnetic fields, and thus block a large amount of the electromagnetic interference.We were hoping to test this during the séances by placing a voice recorder within it, therefore, hopefully eliminating the possibility of outside interference being recorded and mistaken for EVP.

The team arrived at the venue at with the intention of setting up and starting as soon as possible, however, this was not to be the case when as we arrived we found some of the buildings alarms sounding off. This prompted the arrival of the contracted security company who seemed not to have been advised that we were to be on site all night, as well as the need to call out the caretaker to investigate and silence the alarms. This combined with the separate appearance of some employees who had also received a call out meant that out start was delayed for an hour and a half.

After a walk about the building we started in what was the mess hall, Kim, Paddy and Ian sat around a table in the middle of the hall with the Faraday Cage and Kim's Canum alongside them. Dave set his camcorder on a tripod to record the proceedings and we started a séance. Dave was to stay out of this to enable him to be mobile within the area to investigate anything that occurred. Dave began speaking and after introducing us requested that anyone else who may have been in the building with us made themselves known. After a while we eliminated some noises as naturally occurring, examined some flashing lights seen through a window and explained them as an adjacent tree that was interrupting light from an exterior security light. Later into this session it was possible to tell that there was a change to the atmosphere in the room, almost a chill and an air of anticipation, we then became aware of the sense of movement in the main corridor by the entrance to the mess hall, there was the sound of shuffling and we could see movement in the darkness. This soon seemed to be confirmed by the loud slam of a door that came from down the corridor towards the west wing. It was obvious what this was and we were worried that someone else had entered the building given that other people had attended earlier in the evening. We broke from what we were doing to investigate, checked the back door to see if anyone had come into the building and all the adjacent doors, nothing and no one could be found out of place. Unable to explain this occurrence we returned to the mess hall and continued. Nothing further of note occurred so after a while we ended the session and turned to some paired vigils.

Dave & Paddy went to the base of east stairwell, Kim & Ian to base of west stairwell, it was felt that from these location we could audibly cover the whole of each wing. Paddy was to use his camcorder and voice recorder in the east wing while Ian filmed in the west wing with Kim using her voice recorder. During these vigils virtually nothing was detected at all, our senses gave us no insight and the vigils ended uneventful, although Dave and Paddy did witness a rather loud noise from one end of their wing. Apart from this what we did prove is that the building is very quiet, almost silent, therefore, if anything odd was to occur it could not be missed.

After a break we reconvened in what was the officers lounge and commenced a three person séance with Dave, Ian and Kim. Paddy sat this one out to film on his camcorder and to enable him to be free to investigate anything that occurred. Dave and Kim to use their voice recorders. Regrettably there was nothing to report and this after a while we closed the session and moved on to two paired vigils.

We divided into different pairs, Kim & Dave went to what was the officer’s reading room and Paddy & Ian to the first floor of the east wing. In the east wing Paddy used his voice recorder while Ian filmed on his camcorder, in the reading room Kim used her camcorder while Dave used his voice recorder. Nothing came from our time divided so we reunited.

We were to stay as a group and spend some time in what was the billiards room but given the lack of results we decided to continue in pairs and go to some areas that had previously given us good results, the lofts. Dave and Ian went to the east wing loft while Paddy and Kim went to the west wing. It wasn't long before Ian's radio went off as Kim explained that they could not get access to the west wing. The coded key card we had to get through the doors was suddenly not functioning on that, or any other coded door where it had been working fine all night. This was odd and given that we could not convince it to work we decided to all head for the east wing loft.

After a while spent in the loft with all camcorders and voice recorders running no results forthcoming so we decided that the night was not going to provide us with anything further, and given that it was by now the early hours of the morning the investigation was closed.


Recorded results were non-existent. There was nothing captured photographically on either still camera or camcorder and nothing was found on our voice recordings when we listened to them. The door slamming in what we thought was the west end of the building was very definite and when investigated could not be explained. There were no draughts and we thought that none of the doors within the wing could have done that without assistance. The odd noise Dave and Paddy heard during their paired vigil in the east wing could not be explained. The non functional access card was interesting given that it was fully functional at the start of the evening. It almost seems like someone did not want us continuing our investigation throughout the building. All being considered this was very disappointing especially when you look back at our previous results, and bearing in mind this was possibly our last time here.

A small amount of information of a clairvoyant nature was forthcoming. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us.

      There are no conclusions we can come too simply because very little happened. The experiment conducted in the mess hall during our first session was the most interesting part of the investigation and this lead us to think that we were in for another interesting night, sadly this did not materialise.

We are still convinced that this building does hold some secrets and that it is a worthy venue for investigations of this nature, but feel that the commotion at the start of our night may have disturbed more than just us, and might account for the lack of results.

Many thanks to the venue owners again for allowing us another opportunity to spend time in this historic building and for their support over the last few years.
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