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The White Horse



In the year 1646, Samson Horne, vicar of St.Marys church came to reside at The White Horse. With the coming of the reformation in 1660, Samson, a supporter of Cromwell and the commonwealth, opposed the church and was ejected from office in 1662. He died alone and penniless here in 1669. It was during the 1956 alterations the inglenook fireplace that had been bricked up since 1740, was uncovered. Since that date many a pint glass has fallen on the shelves only to land upright and unbroken

Is Samson trying to tell us something!

Also during the alterations in 1956, two complete and perfectly preserved male skeletons were found under the kitchen floor - at a depth of two feet.

General supposition is that they were either soldiers who fell in the battle at Chilham during the Wat Tyler rebellion, or the much older remains of men buried in the pre-Christain era.

The skeletons now rest in the churchyard of St.Marys Chilham, where they were given a Christain burial by the vicar after the coroner's inquest had pronouned them to be Ancient Bones and not the result of undetected crime!

Taken from information available at The White Horse.



The White Horse Bar xxxxThe Inglenook Fire Place

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The Investigation

7th May 2005


The Team

Kim Slater, Colin Miles, Dean Thomas, Patrick Noble, Ian Batchelor



23.00pm:Team set up base in the bar area.

ccccccccTrigger objects placed:-

xxxxxcxxCross and toys in inglenook fireplace

xddddddVoice recorder next to trigger objects

xxxxxxxxGlass on bar

xxxxxxxCam corder recording movement of glass

xxxxxxxxVoice recorder in bedroom

ccccccccMotion detectors:-

xxxxxxxxSide entrance to bar

ccccccccAcross entrance to kitchen upstairs


01.00am The team walk around the pub and take a series of photographs.

xxxxxxxxxSome of the team feel apprehensive about the mens toilets.

01.15am Temperature 20.4c No readings on EMF

01.30am The whole team sit in the bar by the inglenook fireplace.
xxxxxxxx\The team ask for spirit communication. No Response
01.56am The telephone rings and a strange noise is heard. Paddy dials 1471 to obtain the number.

01.58am A sound came from the bar area.

xxxxxxxxTeam investigate and note that the bank terminal was downloading information.

Shortly after this noise was heard Kim and Colby hear a noise, describes as aharmonica coming from the bar.

Not all the team heard the noise.

02.00am A cold feeling descends on the team and they all feel a change in the atmosphere.

Ian feels cold and has goose bumps. Some of the team experience light touches on there heads. Dean seems to be feeling more than most.

02.10am Team break for coffee.

02.25am The team attempt table tipping by the fireplace.

.ccccccc\Each team member calls for spirit communication. No Response

02.47am The team decide to stop the table tipping experiment due to lack of results.

02.54am The phone rings again once Paddy calls 1471 to retrieve the number.

Upon investigation it would seem that the two phone calls noted are the bank line calling the chip and pin terminal, to download information. A print out from the terminal verified this showing times of transactions as 01.56am and 02.55am.

03.03am The phone rings eight times and the terminal updates again.

03.10am Dean feels as if someone is touching his head, a few of the team also feel this.

03.15am The team move upstairs.

cccccccc\Before leaving Ian starts voice recorder by fireplace trigger objects.
03.16am The whole team enter the main bedroom.

03.20am Colby has the feelings of cobwebs on his face. This happened twice.

xxxxxxxxxTeam checked the area and no webs were found.

03.45am Team ask for communication. A few slight taps were heard.

xxxxxxxxxThis could be the central heating system as the radiators were hot.

03.48am Kim goes downstairs to collect a camcorder for lone vigils.

04.00am Team switch off sensor in kitchen upstairs and wait in room.No activity noted.

04.10am Whole team return to bar downstairs.

04.13am Paddy goes upstairs to main bedroom for lone vigil.

See transcript of Paddy's vigil

04.15am Ian finds static thermometer on the floor by the fireplace, the case was broken.

04.25am Paddys vigil ends.

04.26am Colby goes upstairs to main bedroom for lone vigil.

See transcript of Colby's vigil

04.42am Colbys lone vigil ends.

04.43am Ian goes to main bedroom for lone vigil.

See transcript of Ian's vigil

04.54am Ians vigil ends.

04.55am Dean and Kim go to the mens toilets for a vigil.

05.05am Team sit by fireplace talking.

05.20am Investigation ends.

Transcript of audio captured by video

monitoring bar trigger object


Ghost Connections would like to thank Don for his hospitality and his trust by allowing the team to investigate The White Horse.

We would like to further our investigations with a further visit to The White Horse later in the year.

Don has since kindly agreed to let Ghost Connections return for further investigations in the winter 2005.

The White Horse

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