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The Half Moon



The Half Moon


The Investigation


3rd June 2005

The Team

Kim Slater, Dean Thomas, Colin Miles, Patrick Noble, Ian Batchelor


Weather: Clear and Dry

Outside Temp: 12c

Location Temp: 20c

Moon Phase: 11/4 days before a full moon

Sea Level: 480ft above

Barometer: 1003.2

Humidity: 65%

11.45pm: Team arrive and set up base in the conservatory.


Dean setting up equipment


12.00am: Team install equipment.


Trigger Objects -

Cross - Middle Pool Table
Soft Toy -Bar top opposite pool table
Boy Doll -Alcove by bar flap

Cam Corder Filming trigger object on pool table
CCTV Front Bar
Cam Corder Tripod bar area for seance's


Trigger Object

12.30am: Ian takes Baseline tests

Rear Bar -

Emf: 1.0mg

Cables: Lighting and sockets

Pipes: Heating pipes

Electrical Appliances: None

Air Vents: None

Draughts: None

Temp: 20.1c

Front bar -

Emf: 1.0mg

Cables: Lighting and sockets

Pipes: Heating pipes

Electrical Appliances: Air Booster

Air Vents: Extractor

Draughts: None

Temp: 20.1c

Pool Area -

Emf: 1.0mg, 2.0mg by bar

Cables: Lighting and sockets

Pipes: Heating pipes

Electrical Appliances: None

Air Vents: None

Draughts: Broken window

Temp: 22.0c

1.00am: Temperature at base 20.5c. Team talk to landlady Sharon and take photographs
xxxxxxxxof the bar areas.


1.40am: Team and Sharon attempt table tipping. Communication is asked for my all
xxxxxxxxmembers of the team. No response.

xxxxxxxxThe team then attempt an experiment with a glass. Kim calls for spirit by a name
xxxxxxxxassociated with the Half Moon. Frederick was called for. A loud noise is heard from
xxxxxxxxthe gents toilets.

xxxxxxxxColby, Paddy and Ian leave to investigate the noise. The sound could not be
xxxxxxxxreplicated by the team and is unexplainable.

xxxxxxxxFurther on in the investigation Dean slid the lock across in the gents toilets and
xxxxxxxxsome members of the team think that this could have been the sound heard.

2.15am: Team take a break.

xxxxxxxxDean and Sharon are talking in the bar, they claim they can hear Kim taking on
xxxxxxxxthe walkie talkie. Kim was writing notes at base with no walkie talkie in the
xxxxxxxxarea. There is no explanation for this.

2.30am: Sharon retires to bed. Team continue.

2.36am: Temperature at base 20.6c. The team sit quietly. Clicking noises are heard from
xxxxxxxxthe area near the fruit machine and also a loud click from the back bar.
xxxxxxxxThese noises could be due several appliances behind the bar.

xxxxxxxxDean moves to the back bar to listen for more noises. None were heard.

3.15am: Team take a break.

3.20am: Temperature at base 21.7c

3.25am: Another seance is attempted by the team. Tapping noises are heard by the team
xxxxxxxxcoming from the bar area. The team move to the pool area to continue. More
xxxxxxxxnoises are heard.
Tapping and clicking noises heard could be from the air vent.

4.20am: Seance ends.



4.30am: The whole team are at base taking a break. Colby places his coffee on a chair
xxxxxxxxnext to the fire exit. As he does so both the doors come open. All the team
xxxxxxxxwitness this.

xxxxxxxxThe team can confirm that the fire exit doors were closed prior to
xxxxxxxxthe investigation. Sharon had showed the team around to make them aware of
xxxxxxxxall fire exits. The team then check all photographs taken before the event to rule
xxxxxxxxout them being open. All pictures taken showed the doors firmly closed.

4.35am: The team feel strange and an unease descended around them. Emf 1.0mg.

4.36am: Emf 1.5mg

4.38am: The team feel a presence in the front bar area. Emf 2.0mg.

4.40am: Dean feels sick and disorientated. Paddy hears a voice coming from the bar.
xxxxxxxxNo one in bar area.

4.45am: Paddy thinks Blue the landlady's dog is uneasy as he wouldn't leave his side.

4.50am: Emf 2.5mg Temperature 21.1c

5.00am: Team enter the front bar and all the team can smell furniture polish.
xxxxxxxxThis could be the intermittent spray of the air freshener situated in the ladies
xxxxxxxxtoilet, the door was open at the time.

5.20am: Emf 3.0mg

6.00am: Emf 3.5mg Dean and Paddy check the cellar and take photographs.

6.10am: Investigation Ends.

We would like to thank Sharon and Nigel for there hospitality and kind permission in allowing us to investigate the Half Moon.


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